API Log Full Timestamps Incorrect

In the API Logs section for an index the right hand most column gives the time of the request.

It’s usually in the human readable form of N minutes ago and hovering over this shows you the the full ISO date however the date is wrong, It always shows 2016-03-02T16:04:50Z.

Screenshot-Hosted cloud search as a service | Algolia - Firefox Developer Edition-1

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Wow nice catch @dev9! Thanks for the report

It should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Not a problem. Looks good to me :+1:


Thanks for reporting that :bug: @dev9!

Can we send you an Algolia t-shirt and stickers to say thanks?

Absolutely! :grinning: What’s the best way to send you my details?

Great! :smiley: I’ll send you a PM with more information.