Apostrophes in titles

In my database, I have this value in the Name field:
TEST: ‘Region’ Ocean Protection

And when I check my dev instance of the index I push to Algolia, I see this in the index:

    Name: "TEST: 'Region' Ocean Protection",

However, in the prod instance of the index, I see this:

    Name: "TEST: "Region" Ocean Protection"

I have this package specification:

    <PackageReference Include="Algolia.Search" Version="6.10.1" />

Using the exact same software to populate the index, the index looks different: the apostrophe is escaped in one but not in the other.

Why is this?


Hi @ecoffman Could the configuration on the two indices be different? If not, could you write in to support@algolia.com so that we can take a look at the account? Please provide your application ID in the email to support.

I will use the API to get the configuration from both indices and compare.

I compared the two indexes. The only different is that one has ‘replicas: ,’ and the other does not. I doubt that that is the cause.

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