Apply filters only after click on specific button

please help me to achieve these requirements.
We’ve built a desktop version of our site using react-instantsearch-hooks-web everything working great!

Now we are on the mobile version and we want to show all filters in a modal, in that modal we have the apply filters button and exit

The first problem is:
We need that filters are not instantly applied until the button is clicked. How can I achieve this ?

The second problem is:
Even if now all items are filtered instantly, when the modal is closed (unmounted) all filters are reset. And I have 0 active filters.

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Hi, I0m trying to achieve the same goal; Apply filters only after a click on a button. Did You manage to do it yourself ?



The out-of-the-box widgets will automatically update when selected. If you want to apply them only after the user clicks a button, you’ll want to create your own controls, store all of the current values, then apply them manually using the setUISate setter.