Are insight statistics used in Algolia sorting?

I am sending event stats back to Algolia - are these used in sorting such that a product that is clicked more for a search time is ranked higher?

!(function(e, a, t, n, s, i, c) {
        (e.AlgoliaAnalyticsObject = s),
          (e.aa =
            e.aa ||
            function() {
              (e.aa.queue = e.aa.queue || []).push(arguments);
          (i = a.createElement(t)),
          (c = a.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]),
          (i.async = 1),
          (i.src = ""),
          c.parentNode.insertBefore(i, c);
      })(window, document, "script", 0, "aa");

      // Initialize Insights library
      aa("init", {
        appId: "XXXXXXXXX",
        apiKey: "ZZZZZZZZZ"

      // To send a click event
      aa("clickedObjectIDsAfterSearch", {
        eventName: "product_clicked",
        index: algoliaIndex,
        queryID: suggestion._queryID,
        objectIDs: [suggestion.objectID],
        positions: [suggestion._position]

Or do I need to add an attribute in my product table in database that is sent to Algloia index and make my own ‘Custom Ranking’?

Hey there, those features are enterprise only, may I ask you where did you find documentation about them where it was not well indicated maybe this is enterprise only features?

This code was given to me by Alglia support.
As I understand it, my Trail Account has Enterprise features enabled - but I have followed up.

I am not sure if (/how) Algolia is using the click events when sorting.