Assistance with StarRating facet error

I am attempting to use the StarRating component with my InstantSearch widget and I am receiving the following error.
54 PM

I have rating in my Algolia dashboard under Attributes for Faceting. Is there a limit that I could be hitting in Facets? Any assistance tracking down this error would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @abushnell

Is your attribute is a number value?

Cheers, Maxime.

Hi @iam4x,

Yes, I have tried on rating which is a decimal number, and also on a new field starRating where I applied a Math.floor calculation. Both have the same error above.

Hey @iam4x! Any other suggestions? I just can’t seem to track this error down.

Can you share me the piece of code you are using, with your public index so I can inspect it myself? Thanks.

Hey @iam4x - let me know if this works for you.

  <Panel title="Rating">
      translations={{ratingLabel: ''}}

Hello @abushnell

Sorry for the long time answer, I could not find what is wrong.
Can you send us an email to the so we can ask you access for your index data.