Atomic Algolia NPM Plugin

Hi everyone!

I want to share an NPM package I’ve developed for doing atomic updates to Algolia indices. It’s heavily inspired by @pixelastic’s jekyll-algolia plugin, and is simply a layer on top of algoliasearch.

The plugin allows you to:

  • Update a single index from a JSON file on your machine through an NPM script or the command line
  • Update one or more indices from JSON files on your machine using a custom JS script
  • Update one or more indices from a JS array using a custom JS script

In short, it compares the records in your Algolia index against the local records you’re adding, and ensures you use the least amount of operations possible.

I published a blog post on on using this plugin with a Jekyll site,


Hey Chris! Awesome work man! We’ll take a look at the blog post and see if we can further amplify it for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @martynd! I’d love the circulation.

To give you an idea, in the Hugo SSG space ( my package saves almost 60% on operations compared to the leading solution, and does it 2-3x faster!

Hugo Algolia:

Atomic Algolia:

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This is really great, congrats @chrisdmacrae!

Having this logic in a stand-alone npm package means it will be much easier to implement atomic updates in many different scenarios. I can already see how it can be used with other static website generators, like Gatsby.

I’m still finding issues and edge-cases with my implementation on jekyll-algolia, but once I’ll have this iron out, I’ll come contribute to your package to port them there.

Thanks a lot for this amazing work!

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Thanks for the vote of confidence @pixelastic. Your plugin helped a lot with building this!

I’ve had a lot of chats with @budparr regarding some advanced usage like multiple indices, chunking records (like you do with paragraphs), and much more.

I’d love to collaborate on making this thing as powerful as possible!


We just published @chrisdmacrae’s article on how to implement searches on a static site :zap: by Hugo but also introduces his NPM plugin and how to use it with Serverless. Check it out :point_right: article