Attribute Facet Behaviour in Magento 2

Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the default behaviour of the facet filtering for Instantsearch.js on Magento 2?

The default behaviour is to add a whole bunch of suffixes to the url like this:[categories.level0][0]=Women%20%2F%2F%2F%20Bottoms&nR[visibility_catalog][%3D][0]=1&is_v=1

Is it possible to get something a bit more kind on the eye/human/SEO friendly like:

Many thanks!

Hello @Boogs,

it’s something we’re working on and it’ll be part of the next release of Magento 2 extension.
Basically you’ll be able to programmatically define the structure of URL.

When it’s out, I’ll post a topic about it Announcement category.

Thank you for your patience!

Any news or updates here?