Attributes Order in the Filter Results

Hello @rayrutjes,

I am trying to organize the attributes that appear on the left of the search results screen. I see this is now possible in the Display options in the Dashboard. Awesome!

We’re trying to order these attributes by entering them in the order we’d like to see them, but that’s not really working out. Works for the first few then adds the other attributes randomly. It is not taking the order in WC, which is great since there is no specific way of ordering them.

Do you have any recommendations for this? Some attributes are more important than others in the search and we’re looking at re-ordering the filters.

Hi @paul1,

Indeed, by default we don’t take into account the order of the facets in the Dashboard for the display.

For now though you can hook into the existing filters and alter them.
Here is a code snippet to get you started:

I hope that helps!

I am choosing the attributes to display from the algolia dashboard under display. Just wanted to sort them in the order needed.

No problemo for now…

Best regards,