attributesForFaceting in react instant-search


how do I set attributesForFaceting property in the react-world?
Documentation just faces the js-version

<Configure attributesForFaceting={[...]}>

is not working.

Thank you guys!

I’m not a part of the Algolia team but you might want to try their react documentation

Hi @ok1 and @alex8,

Thanks for asking. There are two (2) types of Algolia parameters:

  1. Those that can be sent at search time
  2. Those that must be set at indexing time (setSettings) and therefore are not dynamic, cannot be set at search time

In this case, attributesForFaceting must be set at indexing time.

This means you cannot set these attributes from the front-end React library. These attributes must be set at indexing time using the JS API client or you can also do this in the Algolia Dashboard manually.

Hope this clarifies the use of attributesForFaceting for you!

@ajay.david thanks for clarifying this!