Aucotomplete.js Returns Null onload


I just tried to set up the Wordpress Plugin for Algolia and it works fine on backend for our search template.

However, we didn’t manage to get aucotomplete or instantsearch to work on our installation.

When Autocomplete is activated: it displays “null” on the top of every pages. It’s not CSS related as we checked the selector and changed them to see the difference.

When we activate instantsearch.js, the template returns the code source of the template instead of the page itself ! Weird behavior for this script.

We use a custom made template with not a lot of JS and we get no error from console about JS. I don’t find the origin of the problem here…


Thank you guys !

After investigating further, the origin of the problem was that we had another autocomplete.php in our theme that conflicted with the autocomplete.php from Algolia. I think it would be safer to look only into themes/my_theme/algolia/ directory within the theme and not directly in the /themes/my_theme/ directory.

It would avoid conflict with other plugins/themes :wink:


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Hi @eric.gerardin,

Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ll look into it, we can probably add that and keep backward compatibility! :ok_hand:

Thanks again.