Autocomplete disconnect

Hi! I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and found a solution for it.

The suggested search terms are displaying when at the top of the page, but when I scroll anywhere else, the suggested queries either don’t appear or appear like this:

After looking at the CSS, it looks like the position is fixed. I tested switching its position to absolute and it actually displays perfectly under the input, until you scroll anywhere and then It moves away.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

(created in Reactjs)

@kwest I checked a few of our examples and I didn’t run into this issue, is it possible to re-create a minimal reproduction of the autocomplete setup you have? It may come down to something specific within your CSS.

Double-check that:

  1. Parent div with class .aa-Panel has position:absolute
  2. Child div with classes .aa-PanelLayout .aa-Panel--scrollable has position: relative

I have a scrollable sandbox here if you want to take a look and see if you can find what you are missing:

Happy to help further, let us know! Thanks!