Autocomplete/Instantsearch with local source for offline/cache mode


I’m currently using Autocomplete with Algolia index. But I think it’s a bit overkill for my project and doesn’t work for my use case (as far as I know).
I think I’ll miss the insights part of Algolia but it’s more important for the app to work offline.
I’ve built a PWA and everything works when you have no signal/internet but the search is not giving even the last results. The app is meant to be used in low signal places. So, I need the search to work with local data. I have a JSON file with the “index” but I’m not sure where to start to make that work.
1- Do I need something like Fuse.js to give the items/hits to Autocomplete?
2- Do you know any demo/example using JSON as a Source?

What I like about the current solution is that I can search and go to the result with the keyboard. If I can do the same with instantsearch would be probably better for future features.

Project: (write "Tomate or “Capuchina” for example)

Then I think you do not want algolia but somethng like jquery autocomplete library. There are many around.