Autocomplete.js 1.6.3 - reset button not working - edit: added codesandbox

Hey everyone,

Im currently using vue.js with autcomplete.js v1.6.3 and detachedMode activated.
Everything is working fine besides the reset button.
When I click the reset button it always closes the overlay instead of clearing the input field. Also the ‘onReset’ is not fireing.

There is one exception:
When I have ‘debug: true’ and ‘openOnFocus:true’ the autocomplete works as intended. Also the ‘onReset’ Event is fireing. But when I remove the ‘debug:true’ (which I should in prod) its just the same behaviour as described before. So the overlay just closes and no ‘onReset’ event is fireing.

EDIT: dark-cdn-zgfgrq - CodeSandbox

Anybody knows what is the trick here? Since in the Algolia docs search the reset button is working fine. Also in detachedMode.

greetings Matthias