Autocomplete.js Detached mode - interaction issue on mobile iPhone/iOS

Hello everyone,

I use the autocomplete JS for autosuggest on our page. But I have some user interaction issues on detached mode (mobile with IOS).

Problem: When I press on the search field I would expect the keyboard to open. So that I can type the word I want. Instead I get a white screen with a search box(Button) at the top and have to click on it again to open the smartphone keyboard.

How can I with a click on the search field open directly the keyboard in detached mode on IOS.

Expected behavior: I click on the search field. It opens a new mobile view with an active search bar and an open keyboard. The text cursor is inside the search bar and ready to use and type the word. This is the the case on Android devises

Autocomplete.js 1.6.3 in a Javascript project.

Thanks for the support.
Greetings Afi