Autocomplete search is not showing in header for all pages with Instantsearch

Dear @rayrutjes Greetings! I have tried to implement autocomplete with instantsearch.js. But, the search bar is showing only on page where I have added the “hits, pagination, category” tags in page body. It is showing "container must be string or HTMLElement. Unable to find #categories ". Here I’m attaching a few screenshots for your reference. Please check and help me on this. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here I have changed the history router calling following other sandbox example as the first one getting error. The same I followed to the connect search box.

Here I have added the autocomplete element in header.

Here I have added the remaining body elements in search results page.

Here on the search results page, the search is showing fine with autocomplete and instantsearch.

When I open other page, the autocomplete search bar is not showing as there is the error throwing in the console stating the missing of body elements.

Can anyone help me on this please???
Here is my Sandbox link: charming-murdock-q500m4 - CodeSandbox