Autocomplete v1 is released 🔮

We’re thrilled to announce that Autocomplete v1 has been released! This brand new version sets new heights in building autocomplete experiences for the web.

Autocomplete banner

What is Autocomplete

Autocomplete lets you build an accessible, as-you-type autocomplete user interface that you can integrate anywhere in your site or application.

Autocomplete is a ubiquitous part of most search experiences. Search providers like Google, e-commerce sites like Amazon, and messaging apps like Slack all offer autocomplete experiences on mobile and desktop.

Autocomplete experience

Autocomplete is distinct from InstantSearch. You can use each library separately and together.

What you can build with Autocomplete

You can build diverse interfaces for e-commerce, media, documentation, etc. Get inspired from our Showcase and Sandboxes.

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Pattern: Query Suggestions with recent searches and categories Pattern: Recently viewed items

Getting started with Autocomplete

Head over to Getting Started to learn more about the library, and get in touch on GitHub.

We’re eager to see what you build with Autocomplete! Let us know in this thread!