Autofocus option for Netlify frontend bundle?

Is it possible to use the autofocus option with the Netlify frontend bundle please?

Hi Miles,

Can you add this feature request to the repo as an issue? This is the best way for the frontend team to track it.

Thanks so much, Chuck - done! As I mentioned in the issue, this is what I’m doing at the moment instead:

(JavaScript removed (please find it in the GitHub issue) since I kept receiving 403 errors when including it, similar to this issue: 403 errors on forum and possibly nxjoseph’s.)

If nothing else, I’m hoping that a passing JavaScript wiz who stumbles upon the post will improve on that kludge!

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if you are refering to autofocus option for a netlify frontend nundle, its important to note that netlify itself does not provide an autofocus feature. however, you can acheive autofocus funtionality in your frontend bundle using HTML and javascript and determine the specific input element or form field that you want to autofocus on.