Available sort orders are different between collections and search results settings [Shopify App]

Hello all. I have the Algolia Shopify app installed on a store but I’m having trouble configuring sort orders to be consistent on search results & collection pages.

My issue is that the collection settings don’t have all the default sort orders available to choose from.

This is how my sort orders look in the collection pages settings:

And this is how they look in the search results/InstantSearch settings:

As you can see there are way more options to choose from in the search results. I can’t figure out why these would be different though. What determines which sort orders are available to activate in the Shopify app? I’ve used the Shopify app previously on another store and not had this issue.

I suppose I could always configure sort orders manually in my theme code, but I’m looking to retain customization through the app if possible. Any help is appreciated.