Backend powered Layered Navigation on search result pages

I have an issue with layered navigation (Filters) on Search result pages within Magento where Instant search is not being used.

The search results are correct however the layered navigation shows options which seem unrelated to the search results and on selecting a filter the product collection remains as the full collection (not filtered by the selected option) although the query string is in the URL.

This is using the latest version of the M2 Algolia module from github 1.5.0 and Magento 2 Enterprise 2.1.10.

The issue is basically this one reported in github:

On the issue thread it is recommended that we turn off ‘Make SEO Request’ although by turning this off the layered navigation works the search results do not appear to go through Algolia so the suggestions are different to that in the autocomplete dropdown.

Hello Tom,

yes, this is a current issue of Algolia’s backend implementation.
The backend query to Algolia doesn’t take into account any filters from layered navigation - it only takes into account the query. That’s why you always get the same results.

We plan to add support for layered navigation in upcoming version, but I cannot promise you any ETA now.

Would complete instant search results page fit you? What are your reasons for not using Algolia’s instant search page? Thanks for letting me know!

Are there any updates to this issue?

Waiting for a solution as well. This is important, please fix.

Hello @jtrpka and @razvanf,

so far we didn’t do any progress on that.
We’ll keep you posted when we have something more.

Hello @tom2, @razvanf, @jtrpka,

long time no see. But I have a good news for you!

With version 1.9.0 we introduced refactored and improved support for back-end rendering in the Magento 2 extension. It should cover all the use-cases mentioned in this thread.

Can you give it a try and share your feedback on it? It’d really help us move forward.

Thank you! :heart: