Basic routing resets when using filter property in ais-configure

We have a webshop for a client which uses Algolia Vue InstantSearch. There are a lot of filters, some use facets with the according widgets, others we pass on using the ais-configure widget with the filters property.
For example, when we want to show only a strict selection of products we pass the objectIDs of those products in the configuration widget.

We also implemented the basic routing functionality (we don’t use Vue Router nor do we write our own urls).

The problem now is that the configure object is called every time and resets the routing functionality.
For example: when a client refreshed his browser, at first the routing persists, but than the configure widget kicks in and filters the products and the url gets reset.
The same happens when the client clicks the “add product to cart” button, which makes a server call to something unrelated to Algolia.

I have tried to dynamically add the filters property to the configure widget but unsuccessful.
I noticed when I remove the filters property it works. I also noticed when I remove the computed value that returns the value for the filters property it also works.
So I tried to return an emtpy string, false, null or undefined to the filters property to mimic what may be happening when the function isn’t there, but without any satisfying results.

How do I combine the basic routing and the configure widget?