Beginner's create record question


I am new to Algolia search, I am trying to implement it on my Docusaurus (V3) application. I have my credentials, I configured my app, it is connected with Algolia. My index has been created, but… no record, and I think it should be easy, but how do I add records ? Will they be relied to my sitemap.xml file ? Or with my docs folder ? I have been searching in the documentation but can’t figure it out.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi ,
I would suggest that you start by reading up heavily on the Algolia Docs (specially their APIs)

At a high level you would need to write some code which would fetch, transform, and send your data (as JSON) with the help of the Algolia API client libraries. Once the data is at Algolia’s end you would need to further decide how to structure your indices i.e whether it’s a single index or multiple indices

I would further advise you to take some time to prepare your data by selecting the information you want to make searchable (according to your search needs) by structuring your indices as such.

Hope this helps.

I vaguely glanced DocuSaurus and it seems you need DocSearch.

What I understand from DocSearch, is that it initiates a crawler that will extract the data from DocuSaurus into Algolia. That is quite normal: Algolia does not search in your application but in the indexes that you created in Algolia (or through DocSearch).

Only then will DocSearch be capable to perform the search in the Algolia index.

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@charles1 is correct – the search UI built into Docusaurus uses our DocSearch crawler. You can sign-up for the program here: DocSearch: Search made for documentation | DocSearch by Algolia

As long as you own the docs, they’re public, and technical in nature, it should be no problem to get you enrolled.