Best Practices for Next.Js / Algolia and SEO

Hi All,

I have a project that has just launched. The front end is using Next.Js (on Vercel) with the content coming from We have created a section front to filter “Travel Experiences” using facets. It is using Server Side Rendering to ensure that Google can index these experiences. It all works well, except that the first load is very slow and this is causing problems for Google and other SEO tools as the load time can be 6 secs. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best practices for Next/Algolia and SEO? The site is here: and then click on Experiences in the top nav. Slow for the first load and then super fast after that. Then sometimes - it slows again and has to rebuild? I am semi technical and working with a developer so any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Taking a look at the waterfall graph of the network traffic, the main delays in the page load are from loading a variety of JSON files first as seen below:

These files, while quite small, loaded quite slowly even with my gigabit internet speed. They are currently being served off of your host, so if you were to serve these instead from a CDN it would load much quicker. Also, if you are able to enable GZip compression at the application or proxy level this will help speed up transfer speeds.

I would tackle these issues first and see if your performance improves, as they are the most pressing in my opinion. Let me know if we can help any further, thanks!