Best way to modify] vue-instasearch Menu component?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to use algolia with Menu component to create a navigation. The problem I am having is that it renders as

<div class="ais-menu"> 
  <div class="nav-item">
     <a href="#" class="nav-link"> portfolio 
     <span class="ais-menu__count">27</span>

I don’t need the div with class ais-menu and also the div with class nav-item I want it to be as

  • instead. What is the best approach for that? I tried using slots but I couldn’t get it work

    here is my current code

                  <ais-menu :attribute="category" :class-names="{ 'ais-menu__item': 'nav-item', 'ais-menu__link': 'nav-link'}">

    Thanks for help

  • Hi @cloudbluedigital have you tried using inline-template?

    could you provide me with an example whenever I tried to modify it all of my categories disappeared from the page

    Ideally I’d like to work on your current state so we can have the full picture. Can you put together your code using this codesandbox template?