Best way to plug algolia with Prestashop?

Hi !
I want to use algolia for an ecommerce website.
I already have a wordpress blog and I use the wordpress plugin to index posts content from the blog. They will be displayed on the ecommerce website search.
The ecommerce website is built with prestashop (1.7.2).
I was wondering what was the best way to plug algolia with prestashop ?

Before starting development, I prefer ask the community :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Hi @koops62 !

Thanks for your interest in Algolia4you, I swear Prestashop is coming :smiley:

In the mean time, the best solution depends of your e-commerce.

Simplest :
If your catalog doesn’t move a lot, the quickest solution is to import those through Algolia’s dashboard and then just implement instantsearch.js in the PS templates. That’ll allow you to quickly try the power of Algolia and evaluate the ROI of a more complete implementation.

Make yourself a Prestashop plugin. Can be relatively quick if you already did some, will take more time if it’s your first. And Prestashop docs are not the best on earth to my knowledge. But by putting it open source on this discourse, you will probably get some help from other devs :wink:

As you mentioned, you can use the php sdk and create some code to automatically updates your indices. There is an override folder for classes in PS if I remember correctly. That won’t dismiss you to implement instantsearch.js on front side, which bring you back to solution 1.

Hope this help, feel free to get more specific with code when you made a decision. May be an Algolians will also give you more details on Prestashop + Algolia.

Cheers :wink:

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Thanks for your answer @pierre.aurele.martin.
I think I will simply try algolia by loading the catalog + manufacturers + categories + wordpress content and use instantsearch.js for the moment.

Hello @koops62,

I made a Prestashop module :
i use the php plugin to update Algolia objects and instant search for the front.
The difficult part is how and when to update your index.

I ll write later a complete post on how i built this module.

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@koops62: Another solution could also be to use this plugin

@prestarocket I can’t wait to see it and read your post :raised_hands:

@prestarocket Did you write that post?

Hi there !

We’re proud to inform everyone here we built a search service using Algolia infrastucture which is available for PrestaShop merchants now !

You can try it by yourself for 30 days. No strings attached. No credit card required :blush:
Algolia for PrestaShop