Best way to return all ObjectIds with a query

We have completed an initial index and now need to push changes via the PartialUpdateObject method. Our goal is to preserve meta tags we originally created and be able to update titles.

In hindsight we should have recorded the date of our initial load so we could easily determine what has been indexed. That said, is there a way to query and return all ObjectIds that we have in our index? Is it as simple as completing a search ala ‘*’? and parse for ObjectId.

Really a newbie question, I know, but I hope to save some research time. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @drobbins

Normally when you add records to the index and need constant updates, you would naturally provide the ObjectId yourself so that you can always keep the track of objectId from whatever source you are using.

Secondly if your index is less than 1000 records, you can make an empty search query and parse the objectIds

Otherwise you may have to use browse API can algolia gives.

Have a look here Advanced API methods | Algolia

You can look for the same API in the client of your preference.

I hope that answers your question.


Awesome - just what I needed. Thanks so much!

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