Billing for search operations explained


I am currently on Community plan but soon to be upgraded to Starter.

As I am reading the documentation about pricing it seems I don’t get if search operations are getting charged for or not. So what I am seeing by the time of writing (October 2019):

  1. Inside Dashboard -> Monitoring -> Quota operations -> Hover info button:

Algolia doesn’t charge for search operations, only for write operations.

  1. How We Count Operations

We charge for all operations which are either indexing or search operations.

Also under Pricing tab FAQ an operation is described like this:

What is an operation? How do you count operations?
For operations, we count both indexing operations and search operations

So I am confused here. If community plan says I have 50K operations / month is that for all operations that appear in my dashboard under the operations tab or it only applies for quota operations?

Hi @vasil.garov,

Thanks for posting to clarify. In your case, it’s both - but let me explain below!

I found a user account with an email address that matches your post name. This user account has a Community plan from 2018 and our legacy plan at that time did not charge for search operations. Now, our pricing plans do charge for search operations.

This is why your current Community plan says: "Algolia doesn’t charge for search operations, only for write operations."

However, any future plan you open will charge for both indexing or search operations.

Hope this helps!