Boost results to prioritise a specific page type


We use an Algolia index is for the site-wide search for National Trust for Scotland’s website. Although there is a lot of content on our site, it’s most likely that someone using the search will be looking for one of our properties, listed as place pages, as a result. These are identified in Algolia through the following searchable attributes:
section “places”
type “SuperheroPlace” or “Place”.

At the moment, Algolia’s native ranking algorithm means that other page types (stories, venue hire etc) are appearing above place pages. As an example, when you search for our property Hill House, the place page doesn’t appear until the second page of results.

We’d like to order our search results so that if the results for a query term include an entry for which the section = “places”, this is ranked first. However, it’s not clear to us whether this is possible, or where in the dashboard we would configure it. On our staging application we’ve looked into custom rankings, facets and rules without success - the ‘rules’ option to boost a category in the visual editor looked promising, but there was no option that I could see to actually save the change once applied:

Grateful for any help resolving this!