Break Search Link

Is there a way to break a search results, almost like the opposite for a Synonym?

For example, when someone on our site searches for “Prostate” (we sell nutritional supplements), an unrelated product comes up because it contains the word “Orotate”, so Algolia must be interpreting Prostate as a misspelling of Orotate. We have quite a few examples of this, I’d like to break the connection if possible.


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I’m not sure to understand what you mean by “break the connection”.
Do you want the search for Prostate doesn’t get result with Orotate? If yes, you can disable or reduce the typo tolerance. You can have a look at this guide:

Does this answer your question?

i do understand the typo tolerance, but i wanted to stop certain words from bringing up certain products, as opposed to reducing the typo tolerance altogether. is this possible?

thanks - Jessica

Hi Jessica,

Yes there is an option for that: