BUG: [InstantSearch.js]: The index named "" is not listed in the `items` of `sortBy`


I wanted to create a button that slid in the menu element. But when I update the “slideIn” value in vue, it crashes the search, and receives the indexName error (see below).

Codepen Vue

It’s something to do with the routing system?

EDIT: Opened a ticket on the github page.

Github Ticket

Thanks for posting this and the ticket here @daniel.avis.

For anyone to lazy to checkout that GH issue, it’s actually a limitation of Vue (https://github.com/algolia/vue-instantsearch/issues/575).

The workaround is to put no objects or arrays directly as props.

Here’s a fixed sandbox: https://codesandbox.io/s/vue-instantsearch-app-dmhof