Build a Permalink Page

I’d like to stay in with Algolia when a user clicks a link to read more on a particular result. How can I build the permalink page using Algolia? Or should I do that using Azure SQL?

This is typically when you would hand off from the index to the source-of-truth for your site (static generated pages or database – in your case Azure SQL). The typical pattern is use your index just for search and listing – this allows you to keep your index records small and efficient for indexing and search with only the bare minimum needed for search and faceting. Then link out to content pages with full text/product details/etc.

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In your professional opinion, does it make sense to build out pages from Azure SQL, or would you do something else? Our old site uses Solr, and even the pages are built out with that.

We wouldn’t want to use a public blog, we need more control of our data and site than that would offer.

Thank you!

How dynamic are the pages? If you need them to update on every refresh, then you may need to generate them directly from Azure SQL, but more typically content is relatively static once published. If that’s the case for you, generating them as static pages and servibg them via CDN is always the fastest for the end user.

I can see the temptation to use search as a sort of cache for all pages if you’re use to Solr, but I would discourage this – you end up with more data than you need in your index, and with a managed service like Algolia, you end up burning through your API call budget pretty quickly.

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