Build an alphabetically sorted index based on first letter of an attribute

Hello There,

I have an index with a few Searchable attributes and filters.
Now I would like to build an SEO friendly page listing all my collections by the first letter of the attribute title.

Links A, B, C, …


  • Do I need to create a new index an only add title as Searchable attributes or can I query it directly on my current index.
  • How do I tell my query to enforce a strict startsWith behavior?

What is the best practice Algolia way for such a requirement?

Than you

Hi @greg,

Thanks for contacting Algolia. We do not support sorting using letters and therefore you must take a step so that you can sort as a boolean or numeric value.

We describe this non-trivial approach here:

I could do the sorting myself, its more about getting all the record that starts witha* then an other query for b* and so on.

Oh wait, this is a sorting problem…