Building Algolia Powered Search In React Native

Hi guys,

I would like to share how I built Github repository search with searched term highlight functionality using Algolia’s Instant Search library.

Here’s the demo video

Blog post link explaining the code

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.



Thanks for sharing Bilal and also, thank you so much for writing your Medium post!

Hey @bilalbudhani, that’s a very nice and clear tutorial about how to use Algolia and React InstantSearch to add search to a React Native application!

InstantSearch library ships with connectors which provides ready to use functions which can be hooked to the components to be able to perform defined actions –– saving us all the effort of writing those logics.

You get our connector purposes very well :slight_smile:

We’re always looking for feedbacks on our library, do you have some for us? Is their any features you wish to have while building your React Native app? Anything that seems too complicated?

Thanks so much!

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