Bulk algolia search queries

Hello, is there a way to run bulk or multiple queries at once with algolia? We are trying to send an email notification based on the data returned from algolia and need to run more than 2k separate queries (which will potentially increase) to algolia. Right now, I am running each query individually.

We are doing the search in an AWS lambda function which has a maximum timeout of 15 minutes and it seems like we might reach that limit if the number of queries will increase in the future.

Please let me know your thought. Thanks!

Hello @bsubedi,

All our API clients have a multipleQueries method available exactly for that purpose. It will still count each individual query with regard to your quota but all the queries will be made in a single HTTP call.

You can find more information about this method in our documentation here: https://www.algolia.com/doc/api-reference/api-methods/multiple-queries/.

Let me know if you have any issue using it, I’ll be happy to help.