Call search query when text changes in Search Box

Hii there, I am trying to achieve a search result system like Twitter or Instagram, in which when the user taps on the search button (in chat screen) he by default sees a list of users {who are followers and following}.
Now the issue is, in my app when user taps on search, algolia returns hits {by default 5 hitsPerPage and attribute name is “users”}.So I want to prevent this behaviour, and I want to show a list of users which is already stored in redux. And when the user start typing in the search box, I want to show the results reterived from algolia.
I am new to algolia please suggest to me,.how can I achieve this behaviour.
I am using connectors , algoliasearch/lite , and ‘react-instantsearch-native’

    "react-instantsearch-native": "^6.7.0",
    "algoliasearch": "^4.3.1",

If you want to see my code, let me know I will update this question.

Hi there,

So basically you want to prevent a search when the query is an empty string, correct?

The “Handling the empty query” section of the page explains how to implement it. You can conditionally display search results or anything else.

Let me know how it goes.

Hey @eunjae.lee, yes you are right, thanks for the reply :blush:, I get it, I will implement it tomorrow and will post here if I will able to make this.