Can Algolia search across multiple tags which are not predefined?

lets say i want to develop an application which lets me find similar persons to themselfs. Each user can assign arbitrary tags to themselfs (age, gender, hobbies,…) so Algolia should find all matches of ANY combination of shared tags. As this is impossible for Firestore I want to ask if Algolia can search across multiple tags (and any combination of tags) which are not predefined?

Hey @tobias.katsch42!

This should definitely be possible. The key would be to have a tags attribute in your data for each person record. That would be an array of strings. You’ll want that to be one of the “Searchable Attributes” in your configuration.

From there, a user would be able to add any free-form text tags they wanted to their profile and then it would be searchable by those tags.

To take it a step further, you could make that attribute a “facet” and then users would not just be searchable by the tags, but filterable by them as well.

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