Can I get the GeoSearch widget to display all items, not just the one on the current page?

Hi there.

My question is more or less in the title already. I am working on a page with a number of filters (searchbox, 6 refinementlists, toggle) - including a map view. The goal is to figure out is Algolia and InstantSearch.js is a feasible alternative for our current filtering plugin (FacetWP).

Currently I have an issue with the map view. I’m aware that out of the box it only display the items currently shown/fetched. In my case that’s 12 and then +12 each time I click the show more-button. What I want, though, is for the map to show all items, not just those few. But I want the filters to have an effect on the map still - otherwise I could just do my own Google Maps integration.

Does anyone have any suggestions to achieve this? I saw a discussion somewhere on here where someone created an extra search instance which had a very high per-page-number. But I can’t figure out how to make the refinements and other widgets work on two search instances - without doubling all of my code, which seems very redundant and unnecessary.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.