Can I use more than one filter in a query?

I am building an event app, and using Algolia to find an Event in full text search feature.
I want to filter a free event in a certain city. so I need to filter the query by number and also by string. here is the code I use in my Android App:

    val client = Client("KXXXTLXXXXX","16XXXXXXXX0fdb35889XXXXXd555b")
    val index = client.getIndex("prod_EVENTS")
    val query = Query(keywordSearched)
    query.setFilters("city:Tokyo").setFilters("price = 0")

I expect with using the code above I will get free events in Tokyo. but the result is wrong. it just give the free event, but the location other than Tokyo will also appear.

it seems to me that only the last setFilters that will give effect on the result. since the last setFilters in the code above is to set filter the price, then it will only give free event, no matter the cities are.

but if I switch the sequence of the filter to be like this:
query.setFilters("price = 0").setFilters("city:Tokyo")

it will show all events in Tokyo only, but both paid event and free event will appear on the results.

am I missing something ? what went wrong ?

here is the attribute for faceting in index configuration

find the solution. I have to use boolean operator like this
query.setFilters("price = 0 AND city:Tokyo")

Hi there!

Indeed, you must use boolean operators to use several filters together. There are several examples in the documentation:

Have a nice day!