Can not reduce record size to below 10 000 to switch to community

I would like to swtich to the community plan, which I can not choose due to having more than 10.000 records (10 500).
It is not possible for me to delete a index, or clear an index (getstarted_actors) example.

What can I do ?

Yes, it’s possible from the dashboard.

  • Just go to “Indices” along the left hand side
  • Choose the index you’d like to delete from the dropdown
  • Along the right hand side of the screen, you’ll have a few options to “Manage current index.” One of them will allow you to delete the index in question.

Let us know here if you have any other questions!

That is what I have tried.
I get the message “Operations quota exceeded, change plan to get more Operations.”.

I am currently on PlanTRIAL and it shows 0 of 50.000.000 operations used.

Hi Andreas,
Sending you a PM to help resolve this further.