Can the facet widget be scrollable

I have added the showMore: true, option in the facet widget.
Works ok, but when the list of values is expanded, it overflows the bottom of the window.
Can the facet widget be scrollable (with or without the addMode option)?


Hi @henri.gouraud, thanks for the question,
can you show me the problem on a live website?

Or maybe explain me in greater details what you would like to accomplish, thanks!

Which InstantSearch flavour are you using today? I can show you an example on how to do maybe what you want.

Ok, I found how to make the widget scrollable (

Great to hear that, can you share how you did it for future reference and other users? Thanks!

Oups, I thought I had provided my solution (between the parenthesis!!)

< aside style=“overflow-y: auto;” >