Can we pin Items through the API. Or can we at least make the UI better?

We have a lot of facet values in some cases, and we want to use pinning to force the display order. However, the UI for rearranging facets through the index settings is truly painful to use (you must click and drag the facet to the top of the list, which requires scrolling the length of multiple pages in some cases. This must be done per facet, one at a time).

Is there any way to set the pin order via the API? I looked, but I didn’t see a way to do this.

For a company that is making products for others to create great frontends, this aspect of Algolia’s frontend needs a lot of work.



Hi Jonathan,

Did you have a look at utilizing the facetOrdering option of the Algolia API

You could as such then pin an array of facet values in the manner you wish