Can we solve these directory use cases with Algolia?

Hi, I’m evaluating Algolia on top of a Webflow for a large build. We’ve custom coded a lot of this in the past, but Algolia seems like a better solution in this case. I wanted to be sure if you can cover all or some of these functions.

  1. Many filter categories that you can click to select multiple at a time. When a filter is selected, it shows as a pill that you can exit out of.

  2. When clicking search bar, having autosuggestions before typing anything. See in this image it has popular courses and a see all link already defined.

  1. Actual search, where results are sorted by category. I believe this is your bread and butter.

  1. List and grid view. We can probably just do this on Webflow.

  1. Sort and filter of live filtered results (based upon category filters, live search).

  1. An additional layer of tabs that we can filter (in addition to the first item I listed above). This includes an All tab. Each of these should show the number of results.

Thank you for helping us decide if Algolia is the best move for this on Webflow.