Cannoit Create HitsTableController for Algolia Search (IOS)

Upon following the IOS tutorial detailing how to Display Algolia hits in a tableview, the searchbar is functional, as evidenced by relevant console logs. However, I am struggling to display these results in my tableview.

According to the tutorial linked above, the following line declares the tableview in which the search results will be displayed:

let hitsTableController: HitsTableController<HitsInteractor<JSON>> = .init(tableView: UITableView())

Doing so, however, leds to the following error:

> "'HitsTableController' is unavailable: Use your own
> UITableViewController conforming to HitsController protocol"

Screenshot :desktop_computer:

Things I’ve tried:

  • Extending the HitsController protocol to my UITableViewController and trying to to let hitsTableController refer to self, but that leads to a bulk of errors, starting with XCode repeatedly demanding I conform to HitsController protocol despite implementing the suggested stubs.
  • Porting all my code to a new ViewController, one that doesn’t extend the UITableViewController protocol, to no prevail.
  • Searching through a plethora of Stackoverflow & Github questions and issues to find a similar problem, to no prevail.


Thanks a lot for submitting this issue.

The solution to this can be found in this GH Issue.

Rest assured, we are working right now on an update of our documentation to reflect these changes.

Thanks again!