Cannot create account

I still cannot create an Algolia account. I literally cannot press the “create account” button on my browsers (and I’ve tried all of them). The register page dropdown field is locked on country “brazil” somehow, even though I’m from The Netherlands, I cannot change this field.

I’ve asked support to help me multiple times (starting 15th of august), and they always say they will look into it, but then I never hear from them again.

I must be the most persistent potential customer, because lots of others would have given up already.

Hi @hulspasmedia

That’s a very strange bug. Can you tell us which browser you are using? Also the list of the plugins you are using could help us determine if one of them could be the issue?

Can you share a screenshot of the screen you’re on so that we know where exactly to search?


I’ve sent an email to the same email that you used to create your account.
Please let me know if you didn’t receive it. :slight_smile: