Cannot deleteByQuery in Search REST API when index size is exceeded

I have exceeded the limit in my Algolia plan and I’m trying to delete documents using the Search REST API deleteByQuery.
I can do POST /query and get results.

But when I use the method POST deleteByQuery with a filter o facetFilter
“params”: “facetFilters=category:market”

Then an http response with code 429 is returned and this message:

    "message": "Rate limit reached for file size (observed: 150037MB; allowed: 150000MB). Please contact us at <> if you need an extended limit.",
    "status": 429

What can I do? I cannot delete the index completely, because the other users should be able to continue searching, but I cannot reduce the size of the index using this query.

When I use DELETE /objectID then I am able to perform the DELETE with
“deletedAt”: “2020-01-24T09:21:56.358Z”,
“taskID”: 1339407672,
“objectID”: “

But I don’t want to go one by one deleting the documents, the deleteByQuery should work.

Could you help me?