Cannot find exact term or string of two words


I needd to use the dashbaord of my algolia account in order to lookup terms or words, because the WP-plugin does not provide a global search.

The problem is:

When I type a query - let’s say: about us

After hit return the results are articles, pages and custom post types that contain “about” and/or “us”. Most articles contain both words, but they are spread among the article, e.g.
“To find out more about this topic, please contact us

But I need to see only those articles, where both words are shown together in this particular order, like in
“Find our more about us

I have tried so many queries like
about + us
“about us”
about AND us
“about” + “us”
but didn’t get the required results.

I tried to learn about this on the documentation, but the articles there are way too technical to understand for me, especially because my english skills are quite low.

I wonder if anybody here could help me out with this?

Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Sascha,

When searching for about us, the engine already prioritize the results with words next to each others.

Can you share what you have used as “searchable Attribute”? I believe having the right attributes in the right order will fix your issue.