"Cannot install this site {...}, please contact the support"

Thank you for providing powerful search for Netlify sites.

Attempting to link to my Netlify site via Crawler Admin Console returns two error messages:

Cannot install this site (34985a02-4ea8-4ab0-88c8-9696d5f8bd18), please contact the support

You don’t have the permissions to execute this action. Contact the owner of the Application or the support if you believe it’s a mistake.

This was after a false start with my previously statically deployed site.

Can this be resolved? Thank you.

Thanks for using the plugin!
The site was somehow still linked to a deleted app (52FRH0E2H4)
We’ve removed the old entry completely, you should be able to link it again.
Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much - that did it! Much appreciated.

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