Cannot load facets when using multi-indexing


I was assigned to build a search page where you have 2 lists that are populated by results from 2 indexes and be able to filter the information using facets.

As I first built the page to search from only 1 index I quickly managed to migrate it to look from 2, but now I can’t get to load/show my facets.

Initially, I followed the setup guide from the Algolia site to build a search page with results from 1 index and show facets for that index, but when I started taking information from 2 indexes, the facet lists stopped populating.

In the init block of the ViewModel I’ve added to the connection the new searchbox, I’ve also assigned the filter state to the new searcher and connected the filter state to the new products livedata pagedlist, but the facets just don’t load. I also looked through the android examples app to look for some clues, but I couldn’t find any example combining multi-index search and facets.

Could you tell me if that is possible currently or would I need to think of some custom solution for this?

If there is any further information you’d like me to provide, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.


Has anyone had the opportunity to check this by any chance?

Hi @kamen Could you provide some code snippets where you are having the issues with your facets?

In general, we do not have facets in our instantsearch that combines results from both indices, you would need two sets of facets, one per index to display on your page. If you want to combine the results or the facets, you would need to customize our available widgets or create your own widgets.