Can't get Amasty Product Labels to Work Right With Algolia!

Hi guys,
need some help. I have the Algolia Search on my magento 1.9 store and it is causing me problems with regards to any new extensions I need. I purchased and installed the Amasty Product Labels and set it all up etc on the template and products that need the labels.

However the Algolia overides this and decides not to put product labels on the category pages of the search results. I have had Amasty look at it and they say its an issue with Algolia overiding it and they don’t have the time to fix this so have reffered me to one of their partners for an estimate of works.

Anyone have a clue as to how I could have the product image labels showing on the category search results? Tried to add an attribute and set this as a condition but still it’s not showing and only showing on some products when it feels like then sometimes not at all.

algolia completely swaps out the catalog search and catalog category pages. As such, it doesn’t work with other extensions that modify those pages.
You will have to replicate at least the frontend functionality of the amasty extension in javascript (customalgolia module) to get the desired effect again. I.e. this requires coding.


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ah right. Is this a complex job? I am not a coder. I thought there could of been a way that algolia requests the Amasty Product Image Label on the category page just like it does with the product image.