Can't upgrade my plan

I’ve added my credit card, but I’m not able to change my plan. I would expect an “upgrade” or “change subscription” button here.

Another application has been blocked but is still blocked. I would expect the block to be removed after adding a payment method. But even the non-blocked application doesn’t let me upgrade.

I’ve created a support ticket, but maybe someone has experience with billing and the Netlify plugin.


Hi @martijngastkemper, did you get an answer from support? Unblocking the overquota on Netlify plans is indeed still a manual operation iirc. Let me know if you still need help on this and thanks for using the plugin!

Same question here, I already have 25k records in two indices and still crawling & experimenting; 15k records in “crawler” Netlify index and it didn’t finish yet so I jumped to upgrade… and it is disabled?

And also, I have less that 10k real content pages; the rest are pagination pages, taxonomy, and etc.; is there any way to limit Algolia crawler, for example, by tuning robots.txt?

Of course I am also considering custom JSON upload and direct instantsearch usage

Yes the Algolia Crawler follows robots.txt rules. You can see the user agent used here: FAQ | Algolia

Is there any way to allow faster crawl? Right now it takes about 2-3 hours to crawl about 10,000 pages. Although, in theory, it is few pages per second which is very fast for “robot”.

No the rate limit is not configurable for Netlify plans