Categories on Magento 2 missing


Running a multi store Magento 2 with Algolia search, and recently one of our store’s categories completely stopped disappeared. Checking the dashboard, the categories index is empty. The strange thing is two of our stores share their list of categories and the other store is fine.

We have tried:

  1. Checked all the categories show on website
  2. Let the queue run overnight with no change.
  3. Reindexed via Magento dashboard
  4. Reindexed via CLI
  5. Disable queue and forced reindex on all Algolia indices.
  6. Ensured that “use defaults” is checked in extension settings.

When I check the logs for that index, I don’t see any update or other sync operations, it seems to have had the settings pushed at some stage, but nothing else.

Hello @TAF,

can you make sure you use the latest version of Magento 2 extension?

And then can you try to turn off indexing queue and reindex categories indexer? It should reindex all categories.

Let me know if it works. Thank you!

Hi Jan,

We have been on the newest extension since June, and we have already forced reindex both with and without queue, store_2 categories remain empty, while store_1 correctly has all categories.